Woodchuck Draft Cider®, America’s #1 Selling Premium Draft Cider, is the perfect accompaniment when friends get together to have fun. Crisp, Light and Refreshing, each Woodchuck style combines the tradition of English and Irish hard ciders with an All-American spirit of refreshment which delivers maximum drinkability.

Woodchuck Draft Ciders® are hand-crafted for you to experience in small batches using only the finest quality ingredients. It's a recipe our ancestors have been using to brew delicious ciders for centuries. Learn about each of our ciders, from our classic Amber, to our newest flavor, Raspberry, by clicking one of the links below. Enjoy!

Strongbow® is a premium imported cider from the U.K. which offers maximum refreshment using an authentic, traditional English recipe.

At the heart of every successful brand is a clear message. Strongbow® is built on the promise of maximum refreshment of body and mind - through this all the characteristics of the brand are connected. With its clean refreshing taste and striking livery, Strongbow® appeals to import beer drinkers everywhere.

Cider Jack® is a bold, crisp, hard cider. It’s a refreshing change and perfect for any occasion year round. Made from fermented apple juice it has a bold taste that’s easy to drink. It has a crisp, refreshing edge that’s lighter than beer. Cider Jack® is available in the original Apple style and Raspberry.

Woodpecker Cider® is exploding in popularity as Americans increasingly seek alternatives to beer and wine. Hard ciders offer more flavorful enjoyment, and Woodpecker Cider’s unequaled taste satisfies even the most discerning cider enthusiasts. Its distinctive crisp flavor is derived from the use of specially cultivated English Bittersweet apples - the defining ingredient for this cider. Woodpecker® is clear, amber-colored, and lightly sparkling in appearance, with a slight toffee-apple note.  




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